Skin Script Green Tea Citrus Cleanser

Skin Script Green Tea Citrus Cleanser


Skin Script Green Tea Citrus Cleanser

  • Clarifies and removes excess oils
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Calms inflammation
  • Soothes and restores skin balance

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Skin Script Green Tea Citrus Cleanser:

Green Tea Citrus Cleanser contains grapefruit, lemon, and yucca to remove excess oils as the green tea antioxidants calm the skin and bring it new life giving it a radiant glow. Lemon deep cleans pores while yucca soothes the skin.

This popular cleanser is a favorite among  combination skin clientele. It is great for all skin types except very sensitive or dry. Great for those who like their skin to feel squeaky clean after cleansing.

  • Clarifies and removes excess oils
  • Calms inflammation
  • Soothes and restores skin balance
  • Neutralizes bacteria to prevent common breakouts
  • Protects your skin cells from free radical and environmental damage
  • Soothes facial inflammation and reduces symptoms of irritation
  • Restores the skin’s optimal balance
  • Gets rid of excess oil and clears your pores
  • Promotes a long term clear complexion with fewer breakouts
  • Improves cell regeneration and production of elastic fibers


Key Ingredients:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – neutralizes acne-causing bacteria to prevent breakouts; protects the skin from cell damage with antioxidants; boosts the skin’s repair process for faster recovery; soothes the skin
  • Lemon Peel Oil – limonum lemon peel oil, antiseptic, antibacterial, and toner; antioxidants protect the skin and brighten the skin tone for a radiant glow lemon deep!
  • Grapefruit peel oil – rich in vitamin C to protect the skin from free radical damage and brighten the overall skin tone. Grapefruit lemon and yucca are great skincare ingredients.
  • Wild cherry bark extract – soothes and cools the skin while reducing inflammation
  • Yucca extract – improves cellular growth for faster renewal; protects the skin with antioxidants
  • Grape seed extract – antioxidants to protect the skin; heals the skin; rejuvenates tired skin; improves the penetrative abilities of other active abilities
  • Tea citrus cleanser benefits: citrus cleanser benefits clarifies acne prone skin
  • Yucca schidigera leaf root: Schidigera leaf root stem is a leaf root stem extract that helps deep clean the pore

Skin Type:

  • Most skin types
  • Not for very sensitive or dry


  • Gently massage a dime-size amount of Skin Script Green Tea Citrus Cleanser to the damp surface of the face using your fingertips in gentle, circular motions. 

  • Continue for 1-2 minutes before rinsing clean with warm water. 

  • Follow up with a Skin Script Rx toner and moisturizer and a SPF for daytime use.


How you wash your face lays the foundation for your entire skincare regimen. Well-cleansed skin is more able to drink in vital nutrients, therefore boosting the efficacy of every other product you apply to your face.

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